Best Indoor Security Cameras (2022) – Top 5 Picks

Best Indoor Security Cameras

In this article, we review the best indoor security cameras of 2022 to help you choose the one that best suits you.

1 – YI Pan

The robot-shaped camera YIPan has a large design and outstanding functionality, making it tough for competitors to compete on price.

With a 360-degree adjustable tracking technology that allows you to see everything and block out the blind zones, you can see everything and block out the blind zones. The e-dome guard can monitor control from any angle and can track each motion in under 10 seconds.

It can spin 355 degrees horizontally and 84 degrees vertically, providing it 360-degree coverage. It supports the Ethernet protocol while giving excellent nighttime vision thanks to its 140-degree IR lighting and wide-angle lens. This is all done in a 1080p HD resolution.

It has intelligent human motion and sound recognition, and you can observe up to nine cameras’ live feeds via the e-home app management.

YI Pan indoor camera


  • Excellent nighttime vision
  • 360 degrees tracking mode
  • See up to 9 cameras’ live feeds
  • Time-Lapse Feature


  • Limited space without an SD card

2 – Ring Indoor Cam

If you want to go unnoticed or less visible with a camera, then a ring indoor cam might be the camera you look for.

Best compact choose between black and white in such a small size, yet powerful capacity that plugs in for non-stop use without worrying whether or not the device ran out of battery.

Bring safety in the most compact way that allows you to take full control over your pets or kids.

Choose to place it in the living room where the area is bigger and everything is visible and the camera is also unnoticeably small. Sure that nobody will be recognizing it, which is better off this way.

Keep an eye on the house when you’re not around or on vacation, by connecting multiple indoor camps in the ring device and watching how things go in the dedicated app happens in a touch.

If you want to either record all the videos and see if something is missing or live stream, the state of the house from your smartphone tablet, or activate the command Alexa to do the same in case of unavailability, she’s ready to take some action.

There are echos show or spot that allows you to see, hear and talk to the person captured in the camera. Equipped with an alarm that goes on and off itself or cut down yourself if it is intolerable.

It covers a wide range of space in a 1080p HD quality, where the images and videos look decent and nothing is invisible, gives really stunning quality throughout the day, and also night vision is colorful.

So, if you want to place it outdoors, nothing stops you. Ring Indoor Cam always had a great ecosystem overall in their products, and all these quality cameras come at budget prices, which is the best part, above all.

Ring Indoor Cam


  • Small and light
  • Compact
  • Great IT lights


  • Ring, protect plan is sold separately
  • The videos could have been clearer

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3 – Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera takes every need into account, best overall. Three-pack spotlight camera, apart from being compact, allows for a quick and easy setup without the use of a wire or Hub.

Install it near your front door or anywhere else, you want to receive visitors and react to them as clearly as if you were speaking to them in person.

The two-way voice audio is beneficial. Receiver reminders in the form of siren sound from the clever alert system. So you may come out and pick up the orders you’ve been waiting for impatiently.

Arlo Pro can call for assistance or emergency services, ensure that you are included in the experiment and that you are safe, whether you are at home or away. Its suppleness, allows it to cover every inch of the corner. Notice, and be aware of every movement that occurs in high-quality detail.

It includes advanced recording technology that allows it to live stream 2k hdr footage for clear eyesight by zooming in and out on moving objects and detecting anything instantaneously.

In addition, you get a larger frame in a broad 160-degree, diagonal view angle lens that automatically corrects the lens and eliminates the fisheye style, making the surveillance camera ideal for protecting and securing medium and larger room sizes.

Everything appears to be crystal clear at night in excellent night vision mode. It provides full-color clarity to zones such as faces and registration plates when night vision is active.

The secure package from Arlo gives you 30 days off Cloud storage for video and sound recordings.

Only use your voice to control your smart home because it works with Alexa, google, apple, home kit, and Samsung smart things.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera


  • 2K HDR
  • Clear visions from far away
  • Stunning performance
  • Quick and smart reactions
  • Powerful AI


  • High cost
  • Monthly subscription fee

4 – Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

Tiny but highly competitive Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, best feature pack. Everything about the Arlo is simple, the setup, especially. All you have to do is plug in and connect directly to a wi-fi connection, and that’s it done.

The sleek design caught my eye immediately, but the wire is slightly thick for its size.

If you go with the black color option, couple more bucks are required. Watch over to what matters catch, every detail without missing at 130 degrees, viewing angle, which makes it perfect for baby care, especially nannies and for pets.

You can replace it in any room, office or kitchen, but use for indoors only in case you look for something that can be used both, this is not gonna work. Answer to visitors wherever you are.

Listen or talk to anyone with the camera’s two-way audio system where sounds appear clear and understandable from far away.

Ward off the intruder by triggering the alarm system to scare them away at the point when the siren makes an automatic noise itself.

Motion alert, on the other hand, takes an action instantly from your smartphone’s locked screen with Arlo Secure plan system. The privacy shield looks fantastic, but not so fancy, so the company represents. You can only open and close it from the dedicated app and reschedule.

Watching and recording videos in clarity of 1080 HD quality live stream and night vision is just great. It certainly shows detailed images as it’s marketed. Impressive to be honest The only downside is for more storage you need a monthly subscription.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera


  • Privacy shield
  • Sensitive motions
  • Impressive performance


  • Mostly subscription for more storage
  • Limited view angles

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5 – Wyze Cam Pan v2

The last one strikes those who are not willing to spend on camera the Wyze Cam Pan v2 best budget. Everybody loves quality that comes at a budget price.

This indoor camera surpasses in speed many outdoor ones. The rectangle-shaped small camera, with its sharp edges, offers great flexibility, adjust 360 degrees by tilting up and down and capture 96 degrees vertical 270 degrees horizontal view angle.

The 360 degrees full coverage helps to get the whole side of the room in medium to bigger room spaces that allow you to eight times digital zooming in and out.

Live stream anytime, anywhere in full HD 1080p quality. Daytime images and videos are revealed In rich colors and sharp details. They’re doing well this converting minimal light things into quite pleasant quality levels, specifically, at this price point.

Some slight distortion can happen, but it’s definitely not disturbing and unnoticeable. Indeed, the intelligent alert is available using a starlight CMOS sensor to deliver a great night vision site.

That isn’t very much, there are six invisible LEDs to give black and white vision too. Activating the siren can freak the unpleasant visitors by making noise and letting you talk via phone to whoever appears to the inside.

The two-way audio system has completed its purpose with motion and sound detection, you can create a time-lapse video, but an sd slot is needed just in case any motion happens. Get notified in the Wyze app.

It is also compatible with the smart assistant to use your voice and find out what is happening inside the house. If I have to add a comment about it, the price point absolutely worth giving it a shot.

The camera serves the same quality features as most of those not needed traditional cameras.

Wyze Cam Pan v2


  • Affordable
  • Free storage
  • Excellent overall quality


  • No home kit

Are indoor security cameras worth it?

There is no doubt they make a significant difference when it comes to deterring crime, and thus giving you peace of mind. These cameras can help you recover your belongings if a burglary has been committed. Those who are able to afford a security camera system are strongly advised to do so.

Final Thought

This article has reviewed five of the best indoor security cameras on the market. Our recommendation will be the camera Wyze Cam Pan v2.

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