Hisense TV Remote Not Working – Do This!

Hisense TV remote not working

So, you have a Hisense: smart tv, the android tv version, and you have an issue where your remote is basically not working. Maybe it’s just unresponsive or it’s basically slow or delayed, or it just has a slow response or a laggy response.

If you go ahead and like press like right, it doesn’t go right within, like one second it’ll take like it’ll hesitate for like one or two seconds or two or three seconds or four seconds, then it’ll finally move okay.

Anyway, I’m going to give you several solutions, get you up and running, and this is only going to work for 50 of you guys.

So the first thing is this: now: go to your high sense tv make sure it’s on okay, so turn it on, and then, while it’s on, what I want you to do is go and pull the plug, so go ahead and pull the plug all right.

Now. Wait 30 seconds after 30 seconds go ahead and plug it back in after you plug it back in, turn your tv on, and see if your remote is working, if it’s still down, then we’re gonna go to the next step.

So for this next step here go ahead and grab your remote and what I want you to do is go ahead and pop the backplate off and go ahead and take out your batteries here.

So with your batteries out, go ahead and grab your remote, and what first thing is to press and hold this power button for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds is up, go ahead and let go and now go ahead and start pressing.

Every single button on here and start spamming, even the power button – everything okay, so keep on going all the way down. So every single button on here, okay cut you kind of want to press kind of hard and keep pressing every button here multiple times.

What typically happens if you get water or like lotion or dust or lint, soda coffee, that kind of gets stuck in here, even if it gets stuck like in like one button area, it can cause havoc on the entire remote.

So just keep spamming after You do that, give it a couple of whacks and now from here, go ahead and put your batteries back in.

Don’t put your backplate on yet okay put your batteries back in and then turn your tv on and see if it works. If it doesn’t work do the same thing: okay, usually it takes like three four five six times.

Take the batteries or take the batteries back out, remember, press and hold that power button for 30 seconds doing it. Let go after 30 seconds, let go, and then spam. It starts with the power button here in and out in and out get everything all nice and loose just go crazy.

Okay, every single button on here gives it a couple of whacks, and then again, put your batteries back in and then see if the remote is working correctly.

Now, if it’s not do the same procedure, taking out the battery pressing holding down the power button, and then spamming all the buttons do that five or six times.

If you did it six times and you’re still down the next thing, I’m going to do is go ahead and grab yourself a new pair of batteries, these aaa batteries, and then before you put it in.

I want you to spam it again or do the same thing press and hold for 30 seconds. Let go and spam every single button on here and then put in the new batteries and then see if that works okay by the end.

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